Computer Guided Implant Placement


The placement of implants requires a high degree of accuracy.  In some cases the proximity of adjacent tooth roots are so close that placing an implant slightly out of the center could damage a root and could result in an extraction.  In some parts of the jaw there are nerves that can be damaged as a result of an implant being placed too deep or at the wrong angle.  When placing two or more implants that will be tied together it is important that the implants be aligned so that the final crown work will fully seat.  Dr. Young uses state of the art computer aided treatment planning technology that allows for extremely accurate placement of implants when a case requires it.  Using the procedures outlined below Dr. Young creates a guide that places the implants with highest degree of accuracy available today.  In this way the implants will be placed in the ideal position and significantly limit the possibility of many potential complications.   In addition the implants can be placed in the best available bone so that in many instances the need for bone grafting can be eliminated.  This technology requires special 3D x-ray equipment and specific computer software as well as special implant placement equipment that is specifically designed for use with the implant placement guide.


In order to use this technology the first step is to obtain molds of the teeth and a 3D x-ray of the jaw.  This information is loaded into special software were the nerves and adjacent teeth roots can be identified.

Next the desired implants are loaded and positioned into the radiograph.  This can be evaluated in all three dimensions ensuring proper placement and maximum safety.

The information is then uploaded to a lab which uses 3D printing to construct a guide that has metal cylinders that when used with the proper drilling instruments will place the implant into the patients jaw in the same position as was worked out on the x-ray.  This technology is in some ways similar to robotic surgery.

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